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KOSEN History

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Since some people gathered to study endoscopic TSA surgery systematically in 2014, our society launched an official society in 2016 with the support of several experts, and based on the efforts and cooperation of various neurosurgery and otolaryngology physicians over the years, the society has achieved remarkable growth.

Currently, the Korean Society of Endoscopic Neurosurgery is a scientific association with over 154 members and holds academic meetings and case conferences on a regular basis.

Past Presidents

2016-2017Chang Ki HongUniversity of Ulsan
2017-2018Yong Hwy KimSeoul National University
2018-2019Doo-Sik KongSungkyunkwan University
2019-2020Jin Mo ChoCatholic Kwandong University
2020-2021Jae Hwan KwonKosin University
2021-2022Young Hoon KimUniversity of Ulsan
2022-2023Wan Soo YoonThe Catholic University of Korea